Why the site closed down

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Q. Why has the site closed down?
A. Because it’s time.
 The world has changed. Prophecies that were made through the site have happened and some are yet to be fulfilled.
Now it’s time for you to take action over your own life. You cannot depend on or blame anyone else for what happens to you in your life.
The final piece of help is the book that came by way of a miracle.
Revealed At Last

The hard work is done. This book makes it simple for people to understand Jesus, God, life, eternal life and themselves.

Prophecies are written in this book. One is happening and another is in the process of being fulfilled. 

There is a warning in chapter 2 "The Church Ship" for those who go about the gospel without being led by the REAL Holy Spirit.

"I cried when I read the chapter 'Hated Royalty.' Now I understand how to deal with people who hate me."
That was part of a message I received from a lady who read the book…
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